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Family Law Attorney Diane Dylewski

Premier Family Law Attorney Diane Dylewski is committed to protecting the legal rights of clients who are experiencing family law issues in Florida.

We understand just how devastating, difficult and stressful this time can be for anyone, and as a professional Florida family law attorney, we hope that by providing each one of our clients with personal attention and dedication, we can resolve any issue in a fair and timely manner.
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Please contact Diane Dylewski, a knowledgeable Florida family law attorney, today if you are facing any type of family law issue, including:
  • Dissolution of Marriage
  • Modification of Final Judgment
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Parenting Plan/Time Sharing
  • Temporary Custody by Extended Family
  • Paternity
  • Domestic Violence (Restraining Orders, Injunctions)
  • Dependency/DCF (Child Abuse/Neglect
  • Adoption
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Appeals
  • Contempt

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Diane Dylewski will aggressively fight on a client's behalf in an effort to obtain a positive outcome. Whether we need to negotiate with opposing parties or provide litigation in a family court of law, we are determined to achieve the best possible outcome.

Please contact Diane Dylewski family law attorney immediately to schedule a free initial consultation to begin the steps towards protecting your family's future. During the consultation, we can review the facts and issues that surround your family's case to let you know what the next legal step should be to pursue a favorable outcome.

Outstanding Florida divorce and child custody law attorney, Diane Dylewski, is proud to represent clients experiencing family law issues throughout Ocala and Marion County. Need a Florida family law attorney with experience? Contact us today!